The Romanian Mycological Society is a non-patrimonial organization that conducts scientific activities in the field of mycology and promotes the mycological knowledge.

The Society was founded in 1988 by the initiative of Prof. Mihai TOMA, gaining legal personality in 1990, having its main office in Iaşi.

The Society activities are addressed to both specialists in this field, pupils, students, but also to mycology enthusiasts, amateurs and to those who want to know more about the fungal diversity, edible and toxic fungi etc.

The Romanian Mycological Society aims, among other aspects, to:

  • promote the scientific research in the field of mycology;
  • raise awareness of/for fungi and their use in various human activities (biodegradation, cultivation of edible mushrooms, harnessing the spontaneous species etc.);
  • prevent the mushroom poisoning among the human population;
  • prevent and control the diseases caused by fungi in plants, animals and human population;
  • support the development of modern biotechnologies in Mycology;
  • protect the endangered and threatened species of fungi and their habitats;
  • renew the information concerning the taxonomy, ecology and chorology of fungi from Romania.